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If you are looking for a new gaming or office chair and have settled on the brand that you want to buy from, this is the guide for you.

AKRacing is an excellent gaming chair company. since they started out as a racing car seat manufacturer, they absolutely know how to design a racing style gaming chair.

In this guide, we will pick some of their gaming and office chairs and detail them. Then we will compare them against one another so that it is easier for you to pick the best chair from the list.

Since AKRacing make both gaming and office chairs, their designs are somewhat similar, and therefore can be multipurpose. A gaming chair could be using both for gaming and for home office purposes, and the same goes for an office chair.

We have picked out four chairs from AKRacing. These four chairs are from some of their different lines and ranges, so they are all different in design, aesthetics and ergonomics.

The four chairs are:

  • AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair 
  • AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair 
  • AKRacinng California Gaming Chair 
  • AKRacing Office Series Obsidian Computer Chair 

The Brand

The brand that all of these chairs are designed by is AKRacing. Since 2001 they started a business as a racing car seat manufacturer. Then they used their design knowledge I that area to transfer to gaming and office chairs.

The result as a gaming or office chair for your home that looks like a bucket seat on wheels: stylish, ergonomically designed, and very modern.

Since all of their chairs are made in their own factory and warehouse, every last design detail is considered carefully and the quality control checks are carried out in the same place that the chairs are designed.

This means there is a certain level of continuity that other gaming or office chair companies cannot compete with.

AKRacing does 100% of all of their designs in house, meaning that they never source any design help from other brands or other companies. This in itself also keeps up the continuity and cohesiveness of the chairs.

And because of this, any copies that are on the market simply cannot compete with the originality of the AKRacing chair designs.

Their website is very easy to use and understand. All of the company’s information is easily accessible so you can find the warranty details, shipping details and obviously details about the designs of the chairs.

They also have a section for accessories, which include gaming desks and foot stools, should you ever want to add to your new gaming or office chair purchase.

The Chairs

In this first section, we will go into more detail about each of the chairs, as well as including some pros and cons that will make comparisons between the four chairs even easier.

Since three of them are gaming chairs and one of them is an office chair, we will be holding them up to different important criteria in some instances.

But for the most part, office and gaming chairs are very similar and so the categories they need to fulfil are much the same.

AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair 

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First up is the Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair.

This chair is one of the top range chairs from AKRacing, the clue is in the name Masters Series. So, they have taken all of their design research and brought it together for this chair. available on in five different color options, this chair is sure to please a lot of people.

There is the option of plain black, carbon black, tri-color and two more.

The shape of this chair is classic to AKRacing, since it showcases a bucket seat-like silhouette that would be common in a racing car seat. Because of this, the design of the chair is exciting to game in.

The upholstery material is a premium PU leather, so this chair is suitable for people that choose not to buy leather for any reason. This PU leather is breathable and easy to clean after heated gaming sessions.

This chair has the classic specifications of an AKRacing chair in that you can recline the chair to a full 180-degrees, and to two other levels before that for four different modes. This is ideal for a chair that is multipurpose for both gaming and office use.

The metal five-star wheelbase is supportive enough to hold up to 330-pounds of weight.


  • A classic AKRacing design of the bucket seat.
  • Can support a weight of up to 330-pounds.
  • The adjustable features are classic of AKRacing, including the recline, armrests and the additional lumbar support pillow.


  • No Cons

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair

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Next up is the Core Series Ex-Wide Gaming Chair.

This chair is also available in just the normal EX, SX and LX Plus. Since this is the core series model of chair from AKRacing, it is not as luxurious as the Masters Series in terms of material and design. But that does not necessarily make it any less worth your money.

In terms of material, the Core Series is upholstered in a 100% polyester fabric, which imitates the breathability of mesh, so it is perfect for long periods of time sitting at your desk either gaming or working.

The padding is a high-density foam that molds to your shape as you sit, giving it the feeling of memory foam. Again, this is ideal as an added level of ergonomic comfort.

Just like the Masters Series chair, the Core Series still has the ability to recline to a full 180-degrees, so it is clear that AKRacing do not just reserve their good features for their better quality chairs that are higher range in terms of price.

There is also an additional lumbar support pillow and head pillow as with the other models.

This chair has been included because it is the Core version, but also the EX-Wide option. We included it to show that AKRacing make chairs that cater to people of different heights and sizes. This chair can support weights up to 330-pounds, just like the Masters version.


  • The polyester material promotes breathability and a cooler gaming or working experience.
  • The lumbar support pillow that is included can be detached or adjusted along the backrest of the chair.
  • You can recline the chair to a fully flat 180-degrees.
  • The padding is a cold-cured foam that acts like memory foam to support your body when gaming or working.


  • The polyester material that the chair is upholstered in, although breathable, could be harder to clean than PU leather for instance.

AKRacinng California Gaming Chair 

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This next gaming chair from AKRacing is the California, which is a limited model.

It is designed with smaller body frames in mind, so if you are on the more petite side, this is the perfect chair for you, as it will not swamp your frame with a backrest that is too tall. It is designed with people up to the height of around 5 foot 6 inches in mind.

Modelled off of sunny days in California, this chair is available in three different bright color options, including Tahoe, after the lake, Napa, and Laguna.

These options feature calm, tranquil blues, dreamy bubble-gum pinks and a true white color that is perfect for the fans of simpler designs.

The material that the chair is upholstered in is a PU leather that is ideal for wiping clean and drying fast after a particularly heated gaming session. The lumbar support cushion is included as usual.


  • Ideal for a smaller frame or body type, showing that AKRacing cater to more than one average body type.
  • Adjustable features that AKRacing are known for are still present.


  • The lighter color of the armrests could be more susceptible to dirt or stains.

AKRacing Office Series Obsidian Computer Chair 

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The last chair on our list to look at is an office chair from AKRacing.

Since the other three are specifically designed to be used as gaming chairs predominantly, it is interesting to see what they do with an office chair design to add the AKRacing flair.

All of the framework is the same, with the Obsidian Computer Chair having a frame made of the classic coated metal so that it lasts without corroding over time. The padding under the PU faux leather is the same cold-pressed foam that the other chairs are made with.

And just like the other three chairs, you can recline this one to a full 180-degrees, making it versatile and multipurpose.

Aesthetically, this chair is designed a little differently to all of the gaming chairs that AKRacing produce. This chair is less focused on the sharp lines of a bucket seat, and more focused on the shape of the backrest compared to the human spine.

But since this chair is just as ergonomic as the gaming chairs, it could also be multipurpose and work as both.

The major difference between the Obsidian Computer Chair and the three gaming chairs is that the head pillow that comes with it is flatter and more shaped to the curves of the backrest. This gives the chair an overall sleeker and more professional appearance.


  • A more professional looking chair since it is designed with sleek office environments in mind.
  • A better designed headrest pillow attachment that complements the shape of the backrest and doesn’t protrude too far.
  • Still reclines to the full 180-degrees, so could be used as both an office chair and a gaming chair, making it more versatile.


  • Only available in one color which is black.

Best AKRacing Reviews Buyer’s Guide

This is the second main section of the guide. In this Buyers’ Guide, you will find all of the important categories sectioned off and detailed.

We will tell you why each category is important to consider when buying a chair from AKRacing, and which of the four we have chosen best suits each one.


This is the most important thing to consider when you are buying chair, be it for either gaming or office purposes. You will be spending a lot of hours at your desk or in front of your games console if you are considering buying a good quality chair. So, the ergonomics are absolutely necessary.

Luckily, AKRacing are clued up on ergonomic design. Having begun as a racing car seat manufacturer, ergonomic design is their strong suit. All of the chairs’ backrests are shaped to follow the natural, healthy curve of a spine, or at least to promote it.

Then the additional lumbar support pillow and headrest pillow are just added for extra support when needed or wanted.

Arguably, the Obsidian Computer Chair may be better in terms of ergonomics because the headrest pillow is shaped to fit the backrest more snuggly.


Since all of these AKRacing chairs used the same mechanisms and specifications when it comes to the adjustable features, this category might not be as easy to compare the chairs on.

But at least this makes it easier to eliminate a category that you have to think about when buying an AKRacing chair.


Most of these AKRacing chairs are different sizes. For example, the Core Series chair is in the EX-Wide model, showing that the company can make chairs to cater to a variety of people of different shapes and sizes.

Most of the chairs can support a weight of up to 330-pounds thanks to the sturdy five-star wheelbase and the class 4 gas lift.

Height has also been taken into account: there is a whole limited-edition chair called the California that is designed for more petite people up to the height of 5 foot 6 inches. So there is generally a chair that could fit everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have thought about some questions whilst reading our product descriptions and the guide.

So, we have collected some frequently asked questions and answered them according to our research and the information that is available on each chair.

If a chair is designed for gaming, is that all it can be used for?

No, definitely not! The four chairs that we have brought forward are three gaming chairs and one office chair. But because they are made by the same manufacturer, some of the core design features are present across the four.

For example, all four of the chairs have the signature ability to recline to a full 180-degrees, whether it is a gaming chair or an office chair. As well as the 4D adjustable armrests that have the same functionality on all four chairs. This means that whichever chair you buy, you are getting the same features but in a different design shape or a different aesthetic.

Just because some of the chairs are marketed towards the gaming audience, and one is marketed towards a more work-focused audience, does not mean that they are exclusive to those groups. In fact, it is more money efficient, and practical to have one chair for both purposes.

What makes AKRacing different from other chair brands?

The main unique feature that AKRacing has compared to other brands is that you can recline the seat to a full 180-degrees. This has been popularized by people on YouTube with the phrase ‘but can you do this?’

The chairs also have 4D adjustable armrests, which not many gaming or office chairs have.

And the company was originally designing actually race car seats, so they know their way around a racing style chair.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read this guide on the best chairs from AKRacing, it should easier for you to make a decision on whether to buy one of their chairs, or even which one would best suit your lifestyle.

Since we included chairs that are marketed for gamers and well as a chair this is marketed for office or desk use, we are confident that there is something on this list that will suit your needs.

All four of the chairs could also be used in a multipurpose way: they all have similar specifications and therefore are completely capable of being used for both gaming and office work.

In terms of which chairs fit into which budget, most of the time you can tell this from the name of the model of the chair. For example, the Masters Series is more expensive than the Core Series, and you will be able to tell the difference due to the different materials used to upholster, and the overall design of the chair.

Overall, your choice in chair fully depends on your preference, it could even be a good idea to work out what ratio of time you are playing games versus working at your computer, then make your purchase based on that information.

But whichever chair you buy, this guide makes it clear that AKRacing make some impressive gaming and office chairs for you to choose from.

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