AMQ Zilo Task Chair Review: Worth the Money?

You have to admire the ambition of those who designed the AMQ Zilo Office Chair.

Setting out to combine the superior ergonomic features and customization of a high-end executive chair with the affordability of a mid-market task chair is the kind of challenge that many an office furniture designer would stay away from, but not AMQ.

AMQ ZILO Ergonomic Office Chair, Grey/Fabric Seat

With the Zilo, the California-based brand – now owned by leading chair designers Steelcase – have attempted to bring the best of both worlds into one unique chair that appeals to both markets:

Those looking for quality ergonomic design and those looking to keep a tight grip on their office furniture budget.

Did they succeed? Is the AMQ Zilo task chair really everything it’s designers intended it to be? More importantly, does it offer the kind of comfort you need if you’re using this chair throughout your working day?

It’s these questions, and more besides, that we set out to answer when we put the Zilo through its paces here at Office Chair Picks HQ. You’ll find our take on how this one looks, feels, and functions, in the below review.

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AMQ Zilo Task Chair Review

First Impressions

It’s difficult to adequately sum up our first impressions of a chair that is so versatile in its appearance and set-up.

Opt for the standard model, and what you’ve got here is a solid task chair that shows you mean business.

The thick, padded seat, mesh back and angular design all make this one very appealing for anyone looking for a quality chair they can set up camp in and get some serious work done for hours at a time.

AMQ ZILO Ergonomic Office Chair, Grey/Fabric Seat

This chair comes with a ton of style options (although see our note below). You can choose from no less than 72 different fabric designs, differed frame colors, and other customizable features,. With these options, you could just as easily turn the Zilo into a fun, playful-looking chair that fits right at home in a more creative environment while still offering ample comfort.

Note: You can find the full gamut of fabric and color choices on the AMQ website. But the cost for a custom chair build is significantly higher than the deal available on sites like Amazon. The downside is that you have a limited range of style choices. But you still get the ergonomics and comfort for much less. 

AMQ Zilo Chair Assembly

If you like the idea of a quality task chair but not so much all the meddling around when putt it together, the AMQ Zilo might be worth considering. Although it does cost a little more, you can choose to have this one delivered fully-assembled, so that literally all you have to do is take it out of the box and sit down.

Alternatively, if you want to save a little money, you can opt for the light-assembly option which typically takes no more than ten minutes with a screwdriver to put the whole thing together.

AMQ Zilo Chair Design

Along with that impressive array of fabric choices (including black leather and two vinyl options), you can also choose between either a light grey or dark black frame, further fine-tuning this most versatile of task chairs to suit your environment.

AMQ ZILO Ergonomic Office Chair, Grey/Fabric Seat

Whichever options you choose – one thing remains the same:

The Zilo is a smart-looking chair with a distinct contemporary minimalist look that sets it apart from other mid-market task chairs like the HON Convergence.

If you’re looking for an office chair with a strong sense of style, this one should at least be on your radar.


AMQ ZILO Ergonomic Office Chair, Grey/Fabric Seat

Many owners of the AMQ Zilo praise it as a good chair choice for big and tall users, with reviewers saying that it provides plenty of comfort even for those measuring over 6’4”.

However, the manufacturer’s suggested weight limit is only 275 lbs and while that’s not unsubstantial, there are chairs out there that can easily support users weighing over 400 lbs.  For example, both the Steelcase Think (review) and Series 1 chair (review), each popular models from this manufacturer, have a 400 lb weight capacity at a slightly higher price point.

So, that might be something you may need to consider if you need ample support from your office chair.

Other key dimensions include:

Overall Chair Width


Overall Chair Depth        


Overall Chair Height        


Seat Depth        


Seat Width        


Adjustable Arms Width

22.5″ – 24.5″

Adjustable Seat to Floor Height

18.5” – 22.75”

Usable Seat Depth

17” – 20”

AMQ Zilo Comfort

If there’s anything more important than comfort when it comes to choosing a new office chair, we’ve yet to figure out what it is.

Thankfully, the AMQ Zilo more than holds its own in this department.

AMQ ZILO Ergonomic Office Chair, Grey/Fabric Seat

That extra-thick padded seat is a highlight here, providing ample cushioning and support for long periods at your desk. And if you prefer an all-mesh seat instead of a padded, fabric cushion?

The Zilo’s impressive customization once again comes to the rescue and provides that option for you.

What’s more, the seat also has that contoured, waterfall-edge design that is so important for alleviating pressure on the back of legs, meaning less fatigue and more comfort throughout your workday.

Ergonomics and Adjustability

The handy ergonomic features also do much to enhance the comfort of this high-performance office chair.

These include:

Synchro-Tilt Mechanism

Synchro-tilt offers flexible tension adjustment with three different recline positions so that you can set up a seating position that works best for you.

Breathable mesh back

If you’re the kind of person who finds they start to get hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable while working in an office chair for long periods, the breathable mesh back is certainly going to be your friend, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

The lumbar support adjusts effortlessly, simply by gripping the chair at either side and moving into position to enjoy even more support.

Pneumatic Height Adjustment

We’ve already mentioned that some reviewers note how well the AMQ Zilo serves taller users, and the easy-control pneumatic height adjustment feature is a big reason why.

The seat height can be adjusted between 18.5” – 22.75” with a simple lever that locks into place when released. Along with the adjustable back and three-position arm adjustments, this helps users of all sizes enjoy proper posture and minimize soreness during long sessions.

This chair also has a sliding seat mechanism with 2 lock points. And it comes in other model versions, including a drafting ring (if you’d like to convert this into a taller drafting style chair) and a high back version.

You can see all this on their spec sheet, right here.

Thoughts about Pricing

Our main knock on this chair is that it is much more expensive than your average task chair.

For example, you could spend the same amount or less and get an executive style chair with a headrest and roomier proportions.

Basically, most task chairs focus on simplicity and come in at a more budget-friendly price point.

This one goes well beyond that categorization and might not be suitable if you’re trying to purchase a group of comfortable and practical office chairs for you and your coworkers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the AMQ Zilo come with a warranty?

All AMQ products come with a ten-year, standard-use manufacturer warranty.

Can the seat covers be washed?

Yes. If you choose the fabric seat, you’ll have a removable seat cover that you can pop in the washing machine using a standard washing detergent. If you choose the mesh seat, see our guide on how to clean a mesh office chair for cleaning tips and suggestions.

Are the armrests padded?

The Zilo’s armrests aren’t padded, which we understand could be a deal-breaker for some people.

Is the AMQ Zilo Chair Worth It?

On the whole, the AMQ Zilo does have a lot going for it. A more affordable alternative to Steelcase’s other better-known models like the Steelcase Leap, its mid-market price range makes it a good choice for anyone willing to pay a bit more for a quality ergonomic task chair without spending over the odds.

Meanwhile, the range of adjustable ergonomic features such as three-position arm-rests, lumbar support, recline positions, and height adjustments all help ensure that the Zilo offers a level of comfort that is at least on par with other comparable task chairs.

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Really though, it’s the level of customization that sets this one apart from the crowd. If you’re looking for a task chair that you can really make your own or at least one that better suits the aesthetic of your workspace or home office, you should find a lot to like about the two different frame options and 70+ different fabric patterns.

Elsewhere, everything from the type of seat (mesh or fabric), the armrests (three-position adjustable or fixed loop and different color choices), the base, back (mid or high-back), and more can be tailored to suit your needs, your body type, and even your sense of style.

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