AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair Review

AK Racing Pro X Chair

AKracing is a brand that has branched out into manufacturing gaming chairs. They started with actual race car seats, so they are accustomed to the world of ergonomics already.

The AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair is a beloved gaming chair that many customers swear by. Below you will find our review of this product based on the categories we think are important for a gaming chair.

Table of Contents AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer ChairAestheticsErgonomicsAdjustabilityProsConsFrequently Asked QuestionsAre the additional lumbar supports necessary?What is the warranty policy like on the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair?What does the PU leather feel like?What are the wheels like on the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair?Overall Thoughts

In this review, we have compared the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair against categories such as aesthetics, ergonomics and adjustability.

We have also compiled some frequently asked questions and some pros and cons.

AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair

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Because this chair is available in five different colorways on Amazon, there is definitely a color variation that will fit into your gaming set up. The different colorways include all black, red, blue, white, and finally gray.

All of the variations, except for the plain black one, showcase the color of choice as the accent alongside a flash of white in the back. The most notable thing about the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair in terms of aesthetics is the fact that the wheelbase color is always changed to correspond with the color of the fabric on the chair.

Resembling a bucket seat, this gaming chair really gives off the vibe of a racing chair, hence the name of the brand that makes it: AKRacing began with designing and manufacturing real racing car seats. Especially in the red color option, this chair has a striking appearance, you are sure to turn heads with your gaming set up if you have this chair.

The bulkiness of the chair is not to its detriment, the padding makes this chair look even more impressive.


The AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair uses a cold-cured foam as the padding for all of their chairs. This offers a durability and comfort that they say other manufacturers cannot. This cold-cured foam is said to retain its shape for years of use, making this chair ideal for both gaming and office use.

The contoured back design of the chair means that lumbar support is already taken care of. The lumbar support comes in the form of a built-in curve of the frame and padding to support you in all the right places when you are gaming.

This means that the additional pillow and cushion can offer even more lumbar support and ergonomic support than the already included features. The seat of the chair is hugged by wings on the sides. These provide a comfortable edge to the seat, where your legs should naturally be.

The upholstery material is a perforated PU leather for this chair, but AKRacing also use fabric and real top grain leather for their chairs. They select, inspect and tailor their materials with care for each of their chairs.

They have used the same materials that they use in race cars for the best possible experience whilst gaming. The PU leather material makes this chair perfect for hotter climates or even for any extreme gaming situations.

Overall, this chair is definitely designed with ergonomics in mind. From the shape of the frame to the additional cushion lumbar supports, the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair is a winner in the ergonomics category.


In terms of adjustability, the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair has a lot to talk about. Firstly, it has all the basics of an office/gaming chair. Using the class 4 gas lift you can adjust the height of the chair, so it can fit under your desk in your home gaming set up.

The weight capacity of the class 4 gas lift is rated up to 330 lbs. The armrests can be adjusted in four directions: up and down, back and forth, rotating, and even sliding in and out. This means that you can make the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair completely your own to cater to your own personal needs.

The most impressive adjustable feature of this gaming chair is the ability to completely recline the back of the chair from and upright 90 degrees to a fully flat 180 degrees. So, you can relax in between games or even watch a film.

Since we have outlined how the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair contributes to each of the categories, we have suggested are important for a PC gaming chair, we will now lay out the pros and cons.

We have compiled these so that you can easily compare them to other chairs, and so that you can refer back to them when deciding to purchase the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair.

A gaming chair is a personal thing, not everyone will find certain things important, but based on our categories, we have tried to include them all.


  • Already included lumbar support in the framework.
  • Additional lumbar support from the detachable cushions.
  • Vibrant colors on specially selected fabric for a striking look.
  • Cohesive color on the wheelbase.
  • Fully recline to 180 degrees.
  • Many adjustable features to make the chair fully customizable.
  • Warranty is 5 years on the chair and 10 years on the frame of the chair.


  • The armrests are not padded.
  • Self-assembly is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have brought together some frequently asked questions that prospective customers may have, we hope that they help:

Are the additional lumbar supports necessary?

The additional cushion and pillow are definitely not a necessity for lumbar support since the frame of the chair already has lumbar support built in. However, because the additional cushions come included in the price, they are a nice add on to the chair. They are also detachable, so should you decide you don’t want them, you can just remove them.

What is the warranty policy like on the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair?

The warranty on the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair is twofold. There is a five-year warranty on the actual chair, and a ten-year warranty on the frame inside the chair. This warranty is valid world-wide and is easy to bring up with the manufacturer should you need to. Many customers report getting in contact with the customer service team and their problem being successfully resolved.

What does the PU leather feel like?

Some customers have reported that the faux leather can feel a little stiff when you first get the chair out of the box and assemble it, but that it softens up after a short time when you are sitting in it. the manufacturer says their materials are hand picked and smooth. They use the same materials on their actual racing car seats, so they are bound to be good quality materials.

What are the wheels like on the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair?

The wheels on the five-star wheelbase are 2.5-inch PU wheels. They roll easily on many kinds of surfaces. So, you don’t need to worry about the floor of your gaming room. The wheelbase itself is a high tensile strength molded aluminum one. Making it stable and sturdy, ready for any hardcore gaming.

Overall Thoughts

We have held the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair up to the magnifying glass and examined it according to categories that we think are important to think about when it comes to selecting a gaming chair.

Since this chair is specifically designed for a PC gaming set up, the silhouette is reminiscent of both an office chair and a racing car chair.

This hybrid design makes the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair unique.

AKRacing are first and foremost a racing car seat manufacturer, so they know a thing or two about ergonomic design. This gaming chair is their ProX series and it certainly lives up to that title.

Ergonomically, this chair ticks all the right boxes and supports you in all the right places for a prolonged gaming session. Aesthetically, this gaming chair is striking in every color. If you are feeling safe, the black, white or gray options are perfect. If you want more of a statement, the red or blue are a great fit.

Attention to detail on this chair does not go unnoticed. The color matching of the wheelbase to the main color of the fabric on the chair is impeccable. And the adjustability adds yet another touch of customizability so that you can make this chair fit you perfectly.

We can confidently recommend this chair for a gamer of any level because of all of the above that we have analysed the AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair on.

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