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5 Best Memory Foam Seat Cushions for Your Office Chair

If you’re getting tired of the constant soreness and back pain caused by your aging office chair, don’t run out and buy a new one just yet.

In this post we’ll give you 5 of the best memory foam seat cushions that will improve the support and comfort of your existing office or work chair.

Article Highlights

  1. Our top pick, the Pressure Relief Seat Cushion from Cushion Lab, gives you dense memory foam padding with odor resistance and a contoured seat design. Just make sure it’s wide enough.
  2. The Xtreme Comforts Desk Chair Cushion comes with double layered memory foam that’s budget-friendly and portable. Just make sure it’s thick enough for your needs.
  3. The Double Seat Cushion from Purple is a premium office chair seat cushion that’s breathable and supportive. But it comes with a higher price tag.

Memory foam cushions are an essential office chair accessory that can provide an immediate improvement to your chair, with specific benefits such as:

  • Promoting better posture
  • Supporting your lower back
  • Adding additional cushioning and long-term comfort
  • Minimizing strain on the Coccyx

These cushions off a quick and inexpensive solution to reduce the bothersome pains that we all experience after a long day sitting at the computer.

So check the chairs we’ve listed in this article, and hopefully, you’ll find one that does the trick and makes the day just a little more enjoyable.

Best Memory Foam Seat Cushions for Your Office Chair

#1 Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

Our top pick on this list of comfortable office chair cushion is the Pressure Relief Seat Cushion from Cushion Lab.

The name of this brand says it all. They make cushions for sleeping, working, traveling and more. All with patented ergonomic designs meant to bring extra support and comfort.

Sure, it might be a little more expensive, but we found that this seat cushion has some stand out qualities that make it an exceptional choice as an add-on cushion for your office chair.

First, it’s designed with front, back and side contours that will actually reduce the pressure you feel while sitting. It allows you to sit more upright, thereby relaxing those tight hip flexors and muscles we often use to compensate for poor posture at the desk.

It also has some much-needed odor resistant properties and a breathable/washable cover with an anti-slip bottom, which makes it suitable for hard surface chairs.

Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
Pressure relief cushion combined with back relief lumbar pillow

The Pressure Relief cushion gives you 4” of dense, charcoal-based memory foam support. If you’re adding this to a typical office chair (that offers around 2-3” of soft foam padding), an extra 4” of dense memory foam might be a total game changer in terms of comfort.

However, with a width of 18”, you’ll want to make sure the cushion is big enough for you. If it’s too small, which is a common complaint with this model, you won’t get the benefits of the contoured design, and you may even find it less comfortable than a standard pillow.

However, for most customers, the 18” (W) x 15.5” (L) size is plenty big and makes it easier to fit onto an existing seat.

In fact, you can even combine this seat cushion with Cushion Lab’s Back Relief Lumbar Pillow (using the same memory foam and odor resistant technology), to transform an ordinary chair into a legitimate ergonomic office chair.


  • Ergonomic cushion design with pressure relieving memory foam and supportive contours
  • Anti-slip, breathable and washable cushion cover
  • Excellent for those who suffer from hip pain, tailbone pain, or lower back discomfort during long stretches of sitting at work or traveling


  • The cushion may be too small for some customers
  • Was too slippery in certain cases

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#2 Xtreme Comforts Memory Seat Cushion

Xtreme Comforts Seat Cushion, Office Chair Cushions - Pack of 1 Padded Foam Cushion w/ Handle for Desk, Wheelchair & Car Use - Back Support Pillow for Chair

Next on our list is the Xtreme Comforts Memory Seat Cushion, which comes in a nice and simple design with a focus on long-term comfort.

This product is primarily intended to reduce pressure on the coccyx, but these cushions will also help to relieve general tailbone pain and back pain. Basically, it’s what a memory foam cushion is supposed to do. Nothing too fancy here.

Moving on to its physical attributes. The cushion weighs only 1.39 pounds and covers a dimension of 17.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches. It’s a lightweight solution with enough surface area and cushion height (3.5”) so deliver relief for your back and tailbone pain.

Adding to that, this type of cushion many improve your posture or improper spine alignment, plus it can improve blood circulation and reduce orthopedic problems, if any.

Xtreme Comforts Desk Chair Cushion - Large Foam Padded Cushion with Handle for Travel, Wheelchairs, Office, Stadium & Driver Seat of Car or Truck

This cushion has an ergonomic design, with a two-layer foam base so that the seat does not compress and flatten too easily.

The durable mesh cover provides higher air circulation preventing sweating and keeping you comfortable on extremely rough days. And finally, talking about the sitting space. The product is pretty spacious and fits almost on every sitting surface.

Most people appreciate the dense foam with this cushion.

But, as with any office chair accessory, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of product. Some people may need more foam support, and thus a denser cushion.

Overall, this memory foam seat cushion is very comfortable for the office, home, or even when you drive. It enables you to relax and work.


  • Lightweight and has extra space
  • Easily portable
  • Reduces tailbone and back pain.
  • Designed to provide relief from Coccyx.
  • The durable mesh allows easy air circulation, and the product is washable.


  • The foam is not dense enough. For some people, an extra cushion is required below this seat.
Xtreme Comforts Seat Cushion, Office Chair Cushions - Pack of 1 Padded Foam Cushion w/ Handle for Desk, Wheelchair & Car Use - Back Support Pillow for Chair
  • Large Size - At 19" x 17.5" x 3.5", our car seat cushion can help you to ease some of that back and posterior discomfort. Big enough for comfort, small enough for convenience!
  • Great for Posture - This chair cushion doesn't just promote relief from lumbar, tailbone, and posterior discomfort - it also promotes a stronger seated posture.

#3 Purple Double Seat Cushion

Purple Double Seat Cushion | Pressure Reducing Grid Designed for Ultimate Comfort | Designed for Office Chairs | Made in The USA

If you’re on the hunt for a new memory foam seat cushion for work, travel, or any other use, you will definitely come across the Purple brand in your online research.

Known mainly for their mattresses, Purple promotes their grid style cushion system for all sorts of applications, including office chairs.

For office chairs, we think the best option in the Purple line-up is the double-sided seat cushion.

This cushion features two separate grid layers: one side with a smaller grid pattern for softer seats (i.e. your cushioned office chair) and a larger grid pattern for harder seats (i.e. a wooden or plastic chair that you want to convert into a more comfortable office chair).

Purple Double Seat Cushion | Pressure Reducing Grid Designed for Ultimate Comfort | Designed for Office Chairs | Made in The USA

People that are recovering from surgeries or experience tailbone pain rave about this cushion. It even features a contoured section at the back that relieves pressure and helps keep you upright for a better sitting posture.

And it’s suggested for 8+ hour days, which makes it an ideal choice for an office setting.

The grid cushion system promotes better airflow than your standard foam seat pad. But it’s not necessarily memory foam, as with other choices in this list. Rather, this is a patented cushioning technology that, like memory foam, molds to your shape and bounces back to form.

Plus, the futuristic looking grid cushion is protected in a soft, washable and travel-friendly pillow case. Just remember that the double-sided version has a different grid on either side.

Also, the Purple seat cushion is more expensive than standard memory foam seat cushions. But this product delivers another level of comfort, in our opinion.


  • Patented grid cushion with extra support and air-flow
  • Double sided model works for hard or soft chairs and is ideal for travel
  • Soft, anti-slip and washable cushion covers
  • Comes with 1-year warranty and 30 day return policy


  • Pricier than standard office chair cushions
  • May lose cushioning properties if exposed to heat for too long

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Note: If you’re spending the extra money on a Purple cushion, be sure to check the dimensions to make sure it will fit your primary office chair before purchasing.

#4 ComfySure Large Seat Cushion

COMFYSURE Extra Large Firm Seat Cushion Pad for Bariatric Overweight Users - Firm Memory Foam Chair Support Pillow for Wheelchair, Office & Car 19”x18”x3 (Grey)

Our next top pick is none other than ComfySure Large Seat Cushion. This is a high-quality product designed for the bariatric or overweight user.

The pillow is designed to support users up to 500 lbs. For people in this category, the hard, firm or bumpy seating that comes with a well-worn office chair just won’t cut it. You need more cushion and extra support.

So, if you’re not ready to splurge on chair in the big and tall category quite yet, then the ComfySurge is an economical and therapeutic solution.

COMFYSURE Extra Large Firm Seat Cushion Pad for Bariatric Overweight Users - Firm Memory Foam Chair Support Pillow for Wheelchair, Office & Car 19”x18”x3 (Grey)

It is built with 100% therapeutic memory foam that adjusts with every body type completely. Its nonslip features enable you to place it on any hard surface and not fear about slipping. Its U-shaped design reduces pressure on the coccyx and tailbone, improving healthy posture and blood circulation.

This type of cushion can deliver pain relief from tailbone injuries, herniated discs, pregnancy back pain, hip pain, hemorrhoids, and other spine-related issues. And it might actually decrease your doctor visits.

And to maintain hygiene, this cushion is purely washable. You can simply remove the cover and go for a machine wash. It will retain its shape and comfort, even after multiple washes.


  • Premium quality.
  • Health benefits
  • Washable
  • Dr. recommended
  • Comfortable shape for every body type.


  • The weight is a bit high, and the cushion is not very soft initially. But with use, it gets softer.
COMFYSURE Extra Large Firm Seat Cushion Pad for Bariatric Overweight Users - Firm Memory Foam Chair Support Pillow for Wheelchair, Office & Car 19”x18”x3 (Grey)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from premium material designed to hold the cushions shape for a lifetime. 100% therapeutic grade memory foam, which molds to each individual body type, built for comfort, support and durability. Non-slip rubber bottom provides support on most hard surfaces and is a great for truck drivers, frequent travelers, office workers and pregnancy. Dimensions: 18.9X17.3X3.1".
  • SUPPORT AND COMFORT: U-shaped cut out reduces pressure on the coccyx and tailbone promoting healthy posture and blood circulation. Enjoy painless sitting for long periods of time.

#5 Comfy Cush Memory Seat Cushion

Memory Foam Seat Cushion. Orthopedic Car Seat Cushions to Raise Height - Office Chair Comfort Cushion - Seat Foam Pad for Low Back Pain

If you are looking for a memory cushion that will provide you relief from back pain, the  Comfy Cush Memory Seat Cushion is a basic cushion that will deliver relief in these areas.

This foam cushion is made primarily to relieve back pain and discomfort when you sit on your office chairs for hours. This product ensures that your body weight is distributed effectively all over.

The Comfy Cush is designed using five molds and ensures relief from complete back pain. Along with office chairs, it can be used on car seats, wheelchair seats as well.

Its 3 inches of cushion height offers enough depth and density to provide consistent support through the workday.

Along with that, this cushion was designed initially to relieve G-Force, which is excellent for pregnancy.


  • 100% memory foam.
  • Multipurpose use (office chair, wheelchair, car seat)
  • Reduces back pain effectively.
  • Reduces G-Force


  • Initially, the cushion feels hard to sit on.
Memory Foam Seat Cushion. Orthopedic Car Seat Cushions to Raise Height - Office Chair Comfort Cushion - Seat Foam Pad for Low Back Pain
  • COMFY CUSH ORTHOPEDIC SEAT CUSHION, designed in the lab using 5 molds, is engineered to relieve lower back pain. It truly is comfortable... check our reviews.
  • CAR SEAT CUSHION - 100% memory foam cushion is 3" thick and doesn't flatten. It's not too soft, nor too hard. It's often used to raise drivers height. It is a Driving Car Seat Cushions

Buying Guide: How to Select the Best Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Your Office Chair

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion for Office Chair - Tailbone Cushion - Coccyx Cushion - Sciatica Pillow for Sitting (Black)

Before purchasing a memory foam seat cushion, you  should keep in mind the breathability, durability, design and style, and ease of cleaning.

Note: If your chair is beyond fixing, it might be time for a new ergonomic office chair. Check out our buyer’s guide if you need help getting started.

Wait, what is memory foam?

Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair - 100% Memory Foam Firm Coccyx Pad - Tailbone, Sciatica, Lower Back Pain Relief - Contoured Posture Corrector for Car, Wheelchair, Computer and Desk Chair

It’s probably helpful to understand a little more about memory foam and why you’re choosing it in the first place.

Memory foam was actually first developed by NASA in the ’70s to improve cushioning and crash safety for pilots and passengers.

Also known as temper foam, it was then commercialized and used in a ton of different consumer product and medical device applications, including mattresses, pillows, shoes, wheelchair cushions, blankets and more. You might be familiar with the main producer: Tempur-Pedic.

Basically, a memory foam type of padding can provide longer-term pressure relief compared to normal foam cushions, with dense cushioning and temperature sensitive technology that molds to the shape of your body as you move and change positions.


Breathability is one of the most important features you should look at. You don’t want a seat cushion that retains heat or moisture. Most modern office and task chairs are designed with this in mind.

So, if you’re layering a cushion over a chair, don’t compromise on this aspect. Make sure the fabric (i.e mesh) is designed to wick moisture and keep you well-ventilated during the day.

If you buy something like the Purple cushion, you’ll benefit from a superior design with air ventilation due to the grid design pattern and breathable materials.


Our body weights differ from person to person. But the cushion should offer ample support for most body types. It needs to retain shape and ergonomics while adequately supporting the weight of each user over the long run.

One thing to look for when it comes to durability is a cushion made from 100% therapeutic memory foam.

Always check the specs and reviews to ensure the product will hold up.

Design and style

Obviously not from the comfort point of view, but design is genuinely important for seat cushions.

Since the prime reason to choose a memory foam cushion is comfort, proper design and style must ensure comfort.

Do you want something that blends in to your current chair, with consistent color and style? Or is the design less important than pure comfort?

In either case keep an eye out for additional design features, such as non-slip and textured surfaces, ergonomic shapes and raised contours to support the tailbone, hollow middle sections to reduce pressure on the perineum and improve breathability.

Ease of Cleaning

Hygiene is also an important thing to keep in mind, especially when talking about a seating product you’ll use on a daily basis. Make sure you pick a product that can easily be washed.

Most of the best memory foam cushions for office chairs and task chairs include removable covers that are washable; still, check before purchasing.


Q: How can I use memory foam seat cushions? 

A: Just place the memory foam seat cushion on the sitting area. That will act as your primary cushion or your seat. Now you can comfortably sit on it and relax.

Q: Which is the best memory foam seat cushion? 

A: In our view, the best memory seat foam cushion is the Xtreme Comforts Memory Seat Cushion that provides lots of comfort and relief from any back or spinal pain.

Q: How thick should a memory foam seat cushion be?

A: The approximate thickness of a memory foam seat cushion should be 3 inches. That provides enough additional cushioning for most users. However, if you are heavier, look for cushions with added thickness and dense foam.

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