10 Best Vinyl Office Chair Picks

Did you know a vinyl office chair is more eco friendly than other office chairs like those made out of leather? Vinyl office chairs have a similar look and feel to leather ones and they are much less taxing on the environment and on wildlife to manufacture.

Vinyl office chairs are great for a number of reasons, and often times they can outlast traditional office chairs. Additionally, the vinyl office chair is fashionable and in high style right now.

This style of desk chair is low maintenance and highly durable, meaning you won’t have to worry about a vinyl office chair cracking, fading or deteriorating like a leather office chair.

There’s one challenge though. A quality chair of this particular style and design can be hard to come across. With the internet and literally thousands of office chair options on the market, shopping for one can be overwhelming.

Which is precisely the reason why OfficeChairPicks.com decided to help solve your problems by creating a list of the best vinyl office chair choices on the market.

Hopefully we can help guide your computer chair buying journey with the well-researched and vetted list below:

10 Best Vinyl Office Chair Picks

#1 LexMod Jive Ribbed High Back Executive Office Chair, White Vinyl

Rating: 4.3 | See Price on Amazon

The LexMod Jive is a commonly referred to vinyl office chair on this website as one of the best office chairs money can buy. LexMod is a trusted office chair brand known for making modern-style vinyl desk chairs. In this case, the Jive takes the cake for one of the best vinyl computer chairs in existence. This is a sexy office chair that will add an entire new dynamic to your home office or desk at work. The Jive boasts these outstanding features:

  • Sleek design destined to be a conversation starter
  • Cushioned high back designed to create better posture
  • Chrome finished aluminum base and armrests
  • Durable and stylish. A truly timeless piece that will look good for a long time
  • Tilt and height adjustable
  • Comes in over 7 different colors

#2 LexMod Jive Ribbed Mid Back Executive Office Chair, Black Vinyl

Rating: 4.3 | Read Reviews on Amazon

Another LexMod makes the list. Another LexMod jive to be precise. The big different between this vinyl office chair and the latter one is that this has a mid-size back as opposed to a high back. You’ll save some money going with the mid back, and it might go better with whatever office/desk setup you have. In any case, the features of this vinyl desk chair are virtually the same:

  • Sleek design destined to be a conversation starter
  • Cushioned mid back and seat to promote great posture
  • Chrome finished aluminum base and armrests
  • Durable and stylish. A truly timeless piece that will look good for a long time
  • Tilt and height adjustable
  • Comes in over 7 different colors

#3 Brenton Studio Briessa Mid-Back Vinyl Chair, Brown

Rating: 4.5 | See Price Now

Looking for a more traditional style vinyl office chair? Meet the Brenton Studio Briessa Mid-Back Vinyl Desk Chair. The Briessa is a well rated choice that looks and feels like a classic, cushiony desk chair. It’s fully fitted with vinyl and comes with the following features:

  • Double plush cushion ensuring a comfortable sitting experience
  • Padded plush armrests for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable tilt and height
  • Ergonomic design that ensures posture benefits

#4 Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair with Fully Adjustable Black Vinyl Seat

Rating: 4.3 | See Price

Modway is another one of the most spoken about office chair brands on this website. The reason is frankly because they make quality products, including the Modway Articulate Vinyl Office Chair. If you’re looking for a vinyl option that is breathable, look no further. This Modway Articulate office chair offers a durable, breathable mesh back coupled with a vinyl seat. It comes standard with the following features:

  • Cushy vinyl covered sponge seat
  • Comes in 5+ different colors
  • Ergonomic and lower back lumbar support design
  • adjustable height, tilt and tilt lock mechanism
  • Breathable mesh back to ensure a cool sitting experience

#5 OFM 24/7 Vinyl Chair, Black

Rating: 4.1 | See Customer Reviews

The OFM 24/7 Vinyl Office Chair is a classic take on the typical desk chair. It looks old school but is designed with modern ergonomics and is durable and sturdy. The OFM 24/7 has a cushy seat and back fitted with 100% vinyl. This particular vinyl computer chair is a solid choice made by a notable brand. The OFM 24/7 boasts the following features:

  • 3 inch thick padding on the seat and back
  • Over 5 different adjustable settings including height, tilt and armrest options
  • Comes in 3+ stylish colors to match your office decor
  • Sturdy base ensuring a pleasant sitting experience

#6 Modway Ripple Mid Back Office Chair, White

Rating: 4.2 | View on Amazon

Another Modway makes the list – this time it’s the Ripple. The Modway RIpple Mid Back Vinyl Office Chair is perfect for a tight office space, small desk or flexible working area. This particular vinyl computer chair doesn’t come with armrests. It’s a modern style vinyl computer chair designed with the minimalist mindset. Modway is a noteworthy office chair company and they are one of the top office chair brands. The Modway Ripple boasts the following features:

  • Cushy padded seat and mid back covered in top tier vinyl
  • Chrome plated base offering a chic and modern style
  • Comes in 6 different colors to fit with your office or desk decor
  • Adjsutable height

#7 Mid-Back Black Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Chair

Rating: 4.4 | See Price

This vinyl office chair is a less expensive alternative to the previous Modway Ripple option. It is made by Flash Furniture which is a decent furniture company. Keep in mind, this office chair pick isn’t as nice of quality as the Ripple, but it will do if you are on a budget. The big difference is in the base: this Flash Furniture vinyl office chair has a plastic base where the Modway Ripple has a chrome plated metal base. Here are the features that come along with this vinyl desk chair:

  • Quilted vinyl pattern over cushioned seating
  • Adjustable height
  • Comes in 6 different colors

#8 Mid-Back Black Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Chair with Nylon Arms

Rating: 4.1 | See Price Now

This is the same exact vinyl office chair as #7, however this one has nylon armrests. Same features, functions and color options

  • Quilted vinyl pattern over cushioned seating
  • Adjustable height
  • Comes in 6 different colors

#9 Oxblood Vinyl Luxurious Conference Chair with Casters

Rating: 4.2 | See Price

Although this is more of a conference chair, the Oxblood Vinyl Office Chair has wheel casters so it can be used as a desk chair as well. Plus, it as a stylish “Mad Men” look and feel to it. The vinyl is fitted with brass castsers for that classic office look. The Oxblood is a great desk chair pick for those who don’t want the typical office chair look. Here’s what this particular office chair has to offer:

  • Cushioned seat, back and armrests
  • Open back design for breathability
  • Classic style with 5 different color options
  • Solid wood frame with brass nail fittings

#10 Safco Products 4751BV Zenergy Ball Chair, Black Vinyl

Rating: 4.2 | View Reviews on Amazon

Ok, so this isn’t a vinyl office chair, we know. The Safco Energy ball is a favorite among our team so we would feel remisced if we left it off this list. It is fitted with a vinyl coating after all. If you like this, be sure to check out more of out Alternative office chairs. Some of you may be thinking, is that a glorified exercise ball on a stand? You bet your bottom dollar it is. It’s essentially an exercise ball on sturdy legs fitted with a soft vinyl casing. Here are the benefits of this alternative vinyl desk chair:

  • Bounce around all day while working to keep moving
  • Doesn’t roll around like a standard exercise ball
  • Easy to clean
  • Fun to sit on
  • Comes in several different exciting colors

Thank you for reading, and we hope this list helped you throughout your office chair purchasing journey! Vinyl office chairs are great for the environment, but they aren’t for everyone.

There are tons of office chairs on the market, and we are working to consolidate the best rated options to save chair shoppers like you time and energy.

Happy sitting!